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When CHRIS Kolonko turns into Marlene Dietrich, a legend is reborn.

In „Marlene – The Concert Of Her Life“, CHRIS Kolonko tells the story of a woman who made history in the world of entertainment. With accurate, poignant vignettes from her movies and shows, his singing and extensive costume changes, recreate phases of her life, where she cried, loved, suffered and feared.

During all of this, he never leaves the stage and the audience soon forgets that he is playing a role. He simply becomes her!

He portrays the emotional world of this movie star so credibly and in such a gripping fashion that it is irrelevant whether one has actually seen the iconic “Blue Angel” or not. It is simply a story of a woman who is still world-famous, who loved, hated and finally left the stage voluntarily, spending the last years of her life in solitude.

Those who have grown up with Marlene are invited to relive memories of great concerts, numerous movies and a time more glamorous than our own. Also those who have not encountered this German legend yet, will be touched by the magic of this diva, after seeing the show.

Usually, this concert is performed with a big band. However, there are also arrangements for smaller line-ups of musicians. The orchestra “Fink & Steinbach”, which has played the opening night of the show, is an ideal booking option, but the musical line-up can also be carried out by independent musicians.

There is also the option of adapting the show according to the size of the event, venue and expected audience.

Marlene „The Concert Of Her Life“ Full Trailer

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